West coast is the best coast…

So it’s definitely been a long time since I’ve written a post on here.

I’ve been busy keeping fit, lots of walking and growing this human!

Visiting the west coast of Auckland on a sunny Sunday just reminded me how beautiful the New Zealand coast line is.








IMG_2166.JPG So this was Piha beach and KiteKite waterfall, approximately 45 minutes from Auckland! Along with the serenity of the beach, and the dramatic icon of “lion rock” in front of the ocean. We discovered a fantastic cafe in Piha which provided some much needed Sunday brunch!

IMG_2168.JPG I clearly walked too far and ate too much!



It’s New Zealand’s biggest tourist attraction, so how could I return to the UK without visiting The Lord of the Rings movie set in Hobbiton!

I’ve seen the films and enjoyed them all but I wouldn’t call myself a super fan! However I must say this place outshone my expectations.
The fine detailing and intricate design of the whole set is something you have to see to believe. Even if you didn’t enjoy the films or never seen them before you too would be amazed by the beauty of this place.





We were lucky enough to catch an earlyish tour with only 5 or 6 others, meaning more time for photos, exploring and most importantly more time in the pub!

I would totally recommend a visit to Hobbiton for anyone who is visiting New Zealand, from the drive down from Auckland to the film location itself, it show cases the beauty this amazing country has to offer!

We even found our very own hobbit!


18 weeks and it wriggles…

So a few weeks have passed and everything in this pregnancy is still going really well!! And the best part is… I’ve started to feel this little one move!
It wriggles and kicks most evenings when I’m lying on the sofa or drifting off to sleep. Which is the weirdest but most content feeling I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect reminder that you’ve got a little person growing inside you and you have to look after it.

One problem I’m having is lack of sleep! I am not sleeping at all and haven’t done properly for the past week or so. A combination of having to sleep on my sides now, not my back is difficult as every time I try to sleep on my left my shoulder aches. Toilet trips 4 times a night, getting comfortable sleeping with a pillow under my tummy and generally lying there wide awake is taking it’s toll.
I’m hoping I’ll be so exhausted by the end of this week I will sleep all weekend and catch up on what I have missed!

Fitness- Still trying to maintain 3 runs a week and a few long walks, as well as some daily yoga stretches and leg work. Iv even enquired at the gym I used to go to if I’m able to join for the next two months just to tick over. I do find it easier to work out in a gym environment as home workouts can get distracting.

So next scan is just over a week away! Cannot wait to see this baby again and find out what we are having! I’m certainly growing so looking forward to seeing a much bigger baby than before!


The next chapter…

Stating that your going into the next chapter of your life can be a defining moment. It’s normally said when something big is about to or has happened.

So the time has come when I can finally spills the beans on why iv been so busy… I’m pregnant!

It’s hard to keep writing a lifestyle blog that’s a journal to my adventure out here in New Zealand when your trying to keep something like this a secret for the first 12 weeks! Luckily we found out at 6 weeks so it wasn’t a secret for too long! Hence my absent posts.

Discovering I was pregnant was the happiest and most surreal moment I have ever been through. I have spent practically my whole life imagining what it will be like when I discover I’m carrying a baby, how would I react? How would I tell my husband? How would I tell my family and friends? Their reactions to the news? And what I will look like as a pregnant woman?
So when the moment actually came, it felt very much like the moment my husband proposed to me in Paris. SURREAL!! It felt like it wasn’t happening to me, like I was watching it happen to someone else that looked liked me. This feeling continued when we visited the doctors the following day to hear confirmation yes you are definitely pregnant and your 6 weeks gone! I found it comical as if she was speaking to someone else!

At 12 weeks we had our first scan and this was not only another mind boggling moment for the two of us it was realisation that there is really something in there! Seeing this baby for the first time, wriggling, jumping, opening it’s little mouth was just incredible, we had created this little lime sized being and it was clearly happy to be in there!

I am now 15 weeks gone and starting to show. The first trimester went really well, no sickness, no problems at all just tiredness! But going into my second trimester now my energy levels are back, as is my ever growing appetite and belly!

I’ll leave it there for now and continue to now regularly update my blog with our continued adventures living lifeupsidedown!



Superfood crustless quiches…

Again I have been super slack with my own blog whilst being busy writing for others and creating something new myself- all will be revealed soon!

Saying that however I have found, altered, tried and tested a new recipe for some super healthy crustless quiches! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, quick and easy to knock up and can be frozen too if you make too many!

Frozen or fresh spinach
Dark green cabbage

Cook the peas, cabbage and frozen spinach in a pan of boiling water. Finely chop a small piece of onion and a handful of mushrooms, soften in a pan in a teaspoon of olive oil. Once the peas, cabbage and spinach are cooked, finely chop and add to the pan off onion and mushrooms, season well and take off the heat.
In a muffin or cupcake tray lightly oil the compartments depending how many quiches you want to make. Spoon the vegetable mixture into the tray until 3/4 full and add in some tiny cubes of feta. Now ladle in a basic mixture of eggs, dash of milk, salt and pepper. (I used 6 eggs but only 3 yolks).

This made 8 quiches. Place in an oven at 180 degrees celsius for 20-30 mins or until the egg is cooked through.

Pop them out the tray after 5 minutes of cooling and you have 8 gorgeous individual crustless quiches, full of nutrients and iron.

A fun way to get your 5 a day!


Curry night…

Curry night in the Powell household is always good. Whether we go out and eat until we can’t breathe or make a hearty curry at home, it’s always a treat and always something we look forward to!

This week I’ve made a delicious dish of chicken, spinach, cauliflower, and sweet potato curry.

Super healthy considering the Tika Masala sauce is already pre-made! Just look for one with no additives or colourings.

Method: Fry off 2 fresh free range chicken breasts with one chopped onion and 3 cloves of grated garlic.

In separate pans steam the cauliflower, wilt the spinach (I use frozen- just as good) and peel and boil some chopped up sweet potato.

Combine all the cooked vegetables with the chicken and add the sauce. Cook this off for 30 minutes until thick and combined and you have one tasty meal!
One final addition I must add is peas… Tom’s from Yorkshire so we can’t escape the peas!



Busy bee…

I have been rather slack over the past few weeks in updating my blog… However for good reason!
As well as lots of exciting writing work being published, we have had the In Laws over from the UK for the past 2 1/2 weeks, followed by sister in law and partner. So our tiny 2 bed beach flat has turned into a revolving hotel!

There is so much to show off in New Zealand so here is what we’ve been up to so far!
BBQ on the beach!


Cathedral cove!









IMG_1373.JPGLake Pukaki!


IMG_1378.JPGLake Tekapo!







Busy busy bee! X